What is this place?

This site is essentially a collection of things that I am deeply passionate about, and have spent years practicing. While the topics may be wide-ranging, I feel confident in offering my help to those asking themselves things like:

  • How does a musician make money in today's industry?
  • How do I create an EPK?
  • Wait, what's an EPK?
  • What does that new guitar pedal / amp / guitar sound like?
  • How do I write a song?
  • What does a full-time musician do all day?
  • How do I book a show?

If these types of questions are ones you have asked yourself, you may like it here!

Who the hell am I?

Nicholas St. James! I am a professional songwriter, guitarist and (awful) pianist from Lawrence, Kansas, USA. I perform vaudeville-style blues, folk and jazz music under my own name, often solo, sometimes with other neat folks. 

I've know for a long time that I wanted to be a musician, and I have spent the last decade + pursuing that goal. 

I'm a fanatic for: the Mellotron, St. Louis Cardinals, Legend of Zelda, English Bulldogs, and nice people. Coffee is pretty great, too. 

If you're interested, you can find my music HERE.

Welcome to my site, and thank you for visiting!

Auf Wiedersehen!